Publicom Ltd. was set up in 2004 to promote a lecture tour by the Swedish firefighter Lasse Gustavson. The tour was an unqualified success, drawing over twenty thousand Norwegians to Lasse’s motivation lecture in its first year alone.

The speakers bureau Publicom Ltd.  and its sister publishing company Publicom Publishing Ltd. live side by side. Fireman Lasse Gustavson’s story was released as a book – Gjennom Ilden (Through the Fire) – in 2004, and was a best-seller that year, second only to the Da Vinci Code, paving the way for the Publicom publishing company.

PUBLICOM forlag AS / Tlf: +47 33 03 69 10 / post@publicom.no / Prestegata 2, 3187 Horten / English version